Uniform Program

The uniform program is provided for Ewing employees who are required to wear uniforms daily to work. Each year Branch, Yard and Sales employees are eligible for three replacement uniforms at no cost.

Replacement uniforms are meant to replace uniforms that are old, worn out, torn or snagged. Employees who would like additional uniforms or are not eligible for the uniform program have the option to purchase additional uniforms from the uniform polo link.

Need More?

If you require more than three replacement shirts please email the Ewing Talent Engagement Manager at apulcheon@ewingirrigation.com

Ewing Email

You need to use your official Ewing email address (name@ewingirrigation.com) in order get your free annual garments.

Coupon Code

Use coupon code “ewingup2023” when ordering your FREE Ewing Uniforms

Do you have a question?

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